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Media Coverage

Since this website was launched, it has received various coverage from the media. Below are some of the coverage. Thank you media friends!

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    【#百格LIVE会客室】悼念冠病逝者 纪念网温情上线

    #直播 突如其来的冠病疫情,带走了2万多位大马人的生命。趁着马来西亚日(9月16日),一群志愿者推出冠病纪念网,让民众以线上的方式追悼逝者。Covid-19纪念网除了设有三语之外,在页面设计上也有小巧思,让所有人士,包括阅读障碍者都能安心浏览,目前已发布了逾400条追悼文;网站背后的志愿者们,都是来自不同领域的专业人士,是什么让他们出钱又出力,推出Covid-19纪念网?

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    Remembering the departed

    The Covid-19 pandemic has claimed over 22,000 lives to date, but the restrictions on social gatherings have disrupted grieving rituals for many Malaysians. A group of volunteers has initiated an online memorial as a way to remember the departed, which began with a tweet by journalist Aidila Razak. We speak to two volunteers behind the Covid-19 Memorial Malaysia on the project's aims, as well as the challenges of reporting on loss during the pandemic.

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    Volunteers launch COVID-19 memorial website to remember those lost during pandemic

    A group of Malaysians have put together their time and skills to launch an online memorial dedicated to honouring the memories of those killed by the COVID-19 virus. The site began taking submissions on 30 August and when it launched on Malaysia Day, it already had hundreds of memorials.

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    Malaysians create online memorial for those who died of COVID-19

    More than a dozen volunteers created an online memorial to honor those who lost their lives to COVID-19 in Malaysia. There were 349 individuals named in the virtual memorial and more will be added later. The website went live on Malaysia Day yesterday and compared itself to the National Monument in Kuala Lumpur honoring the lives of those lost in battle.

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    Malaysians unite to create Covid-19 memorial website

    PETALING JAYA: When Malaysia reached the grim mark of 10,000 deaths due to Covid-19, journalist Aidila Razak felt she needed to do something about it. “Having to process information on these deaths daily made me realise the details shared, which included the age of the person, where they had passed away or whether they had comorbidities, felt rather impersonal.

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    Memorial dalam talian dilancar bagi mengenang korban Covid-19

    Setakat ini sudah lebih 22,000 kematian akibat pandemik Covid-19 telah dilaporkan dan ia dijangka terus meningkat pada masa akan datang. Bagi mengenang setiap mangsa yang terkorban akibat wabak yang berbahaya ini, sekumpulan sukarelawan melancarkan memorial dalam talian dengan ...