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Azizan Abdul Rahim, Passed away on 24 July 2021.

Azizan Abdul Rahim

Passed away on 24 July 2021

Azizan Abdul Rahim

Date of Death
24 July 2021
Negeri Sembilan

About Azizan Abdul Rahim

Azizan Bin Abdul Rahim, 44, died at Hospital Tengku Ampuan Najihah, Kuala Pilah at 3.10pm on July 24, 2021. His daughter Aiesya Qistina wrote: The deceased was my father, and my father was a very good man. He never neglected his family's welfare and never forgot to remind his children to fulfill their prayer duties. He would spoil us but he was also strict. His favourite thing to do was to ask his children to cook his favourite foods. He also enjoyed gardening and liked to spend time with us during the holidays. He had five children and a wife he loved very much. Papa was a truck driver and worked in Selangor. He returned home only once a week. He also often traveled to Singapore for work. There are too many memories of Papa, who will always miss. Now, every Friday we remember him by visiting him at his grave to tidy his grave and recite the Yassin for him.

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