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A screenshot of Ahmad Sapali Jamaludin during a video call. He wears a kopiah, dark rimmed glasses and baju melayu.

Ahmad Sapali Jamaludin

Passed away on 24 March 2021

Ahmad Sapali Jamaludin

Date of Death
24 March 2021

About Ahmad Sapali Jamaludin

Ahmad Sapali Jamaludin, 53, died at 4.52pm at Hospital Sungai Buloh, Selangor. He had six children, the eldest aged 21 and the youngest aged four. He loved spending time with his family on the weekends and after a hard day at work on weekdays. "He was an engineer, but he wasn't any ordinary engineer - the was one of the best. When his whole factory does not know how to fix a machine, he would be the one to fix it, even though he had no prior experience working on the machine. That was how good he was at his job."

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