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Mohamed Yusoff sits at a banquet. He wears a songkok and dark rimmed glasses. He has a white goatee.

Mohamed Yusoff

Passed away on 25 May 2021

Mohamed Yusoff

Date of Death
25 May 2021

About Mohamed Yusoff

Mohamed Yusoff, 81, died in Ipoh on May 25, 2021. "Bagai patah tak tumbuh lagi Bagai hilang tidak berganti Bagai terbawa separuh diri Bersama pergimu yang tak kembali" You may know Cikgu Yusoff. He was a teacher who taught several schools in Ipoh. He was a father of five and grandfather of fourteen. Overall, he was a remarkable man Nadhilah Mohd Nazri wrote: "He taught me so many things and I could listen to his stories, his wisdom and words forever. "His creativity in woodwork, calligraphy, drawing and writing inspired me to always express myself without worrying about other people's opinion about it. "He taught us many things except for how to go on without him. That part we'll have to learn on our own, but we'll never forget him."

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