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Orbituary message for Khairul Azlee bin Mohd Fahmi, born 27 Dec 1997 and died 8 Sept 2021. He is pictured smiling with his hand on his chest.

Khairul Azlee Mohd Fahmi

Passed away on 8 September 2021

Khairul Azlee Mohd Fahmi

Date of Death
8 September 2021

About Khairul Azlee Mohd Fahmi

Khairul Azlee Mohd Fahmi, 24, died at 8.59am on Sept 8, 2021. He was better known among his peers as Abot. He was a father of a one-year-old boy, a husband and a son. He was a a good son and friend and a very humble, cheerful person. He always cared about the driver community. He was the director of Transit Synergy and an operations manager at Sheer Global Travel.

We will always remember you

  • Athira along | Cousin

    Alfatihah.. Always in memory n longing😔😔😔🥰🥰
  • Aisyah | Mother

    Macam tak percaya Abot pergi 😭😭😭 Semoga Allah mudahkan urusan arwah disana. Mama ampunkan semua jika ada kesalahan dan mendoakan arwah tenang. Arwah anak yg baik dan disenangi.
  • Ammar

    Kind person and a family man who cares for his family alot , unfortunate to leave having just started to establish himself. He will be missed great, may his soul rest in peace

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