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Lee Tam Sing holds his phone at the dinner table. He wears a collared T-shirt, a sling bag and a silver watch. He has short cropped hair. In the background is a Christmas tree.

Lee Tham Sing

Passed away on 14 February 2021

Lee Tham Sing

Date of Death
14 February 2021

About Lee Tham Sing

Lee Tham Sing, 75, died at 3pm on Feb 14, 2021. He is survived by a wife and three children. He was a joyful person and also enjoyed food a lot. He was a dedicated and loving father who always put his family first. We will always remember him.

We will always remember you

  • Ah Girl Malacca | Uncle

    Uncle, You like my Second Father to me. I was spend most of the my childhood with you and that was a very good memory to me. Really miss you so much , uncle .
  • Catherine Poh | Sister-in-law

    U the best brother- law i ever met, will always be in our heart.Hope u be better in the other world
  • Rosalind

    He was the greatest grandpa, father and father in law, husband and true friends.Ffor those who knew him, he was kind, joyful, generous, compassionate and helpful man. He is always a hero in our hearts!
  • Ah Loong | My dad

    Papa Ni Hao. I really miss you so much. Thoughts of you always in my mind. Papa. As we promised we will take care of mama. And will remember what life lessons you taught us. Will remember the smile and smiles that you gave us. Shall forever in memory

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