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Noriezszah Ishak smiles in a telekung, with two of her young chidren. She has a round face and wears dark rimmed glasses.

Norieszah Ishak

Passed away on 8 August 2021

Norieszah Ishak

Date of Death
8 August 2021

About Norieszah Ishak

Norieszah Ishak, 31, died at the intensive care unit of Hospital Tengku Ampuan Rahimah (HTAR) in Klang at 2am on Aug 8, 2021. She spent 13 days in hospital, and died after safely delivering her fourth child on July 21. However, she did not have the chance to meet her newborn before she died. She was buried at the Sungai Sirih Muslim Cemetery on Aug 9. Her widower, Muhamat Azuwan, told *Harian Metro*. Norieszah complained of feeling ill during an antenatal check at HTAR on July 20 but was told to return home first as there were no available beds to admit her at the hospital. The couple rushed to the hospital at 4am the next day wen she felt pain in her stomach, and she safely delivered Muhammad Zayyan at 6am. She was suspected to have been infected with Covid-19 at the time, but tests only confirmed it on July 26. She was intubated on July 30. She was also mother to Ahmad Nabil, 14, Farah Aqila, 6 and Muhammad Rayyan, 2. Before she died, she asked her husband to take good care of their children.

We will always remember you

  • tan chee kien

    may you rest in peace
  • Amira | I'm just a passer by

    Innalilahiwainnalilahirojiun. May Allah bless your soul

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