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Mohamed Fadzil bin Zakaria sits next to an identified woman. He is wearing a kopiah and a pink long-sleeved T shirt. He is clean shaven and has a youthful face.

Mohamed Fadzil Zakaria

Passed away on 30 August 2021

Mohamed Fadzil Zakaria

Date of Death
30 August 2021
Pulau Pinang

About Mohamed Fadzil Zakaria

Mohamed Fadzil Zakaria, 59, died at 5.12pm on Aug 30, 2021. He had three children, including a stepdaughter who he raised from the age of five until she died in 2018, aged 42. His wife died the year before. He also had four grandchildren and helped raise them as well. His hobby was singing and had a lovely singing voice. When his wife and stepdaughter passed away, he fell into depression but found solace in singing and reciting the Quran. He recorded his singing at the time. His goal was to see his children succeed in this world and the afterlife. He is remembered as a patient person who fought for his life until the end. In December 2020, he fought to regain his health after experiencing a stroke. Doctors told us he had a brain hemorrhage and he was in a coma for four days. He was partially paralysed as a result. Three months later, he developed cataracts which caused him to have blindness in one eye. His son, Izral, who was his father's full-time carer wrote: "In March 2021, I returned to Penang to care for him full time. I spent time listening to his stories, the good times and the bad. We were not that close before that but this time together brought us closer. "He was a fighter throughout his life."

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