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Azman Bin Hussain at a restaurant. The picture was taken when he was healthy, before he suffered from a stroke. He is wearing a cap, a bracelet and a collared shirt. He is clean shaven and has a youthful face.

Azman Hussain

Passed away on 1 September 2021

Azman Hussain

Date of Death
1 September 2021

About Azman Hussain

Azman Hussain, 51, died at 6.06pm on Sept 1, 2021. He was unmarried. He enjoyed cooking and had his own eatery, before he suffered from a stroke in 2016. His dream was to fully recover from the stroke and live a normal life as before. "We, his family members and next-of-kin will always remember him by sharing videos and stories of him."

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