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Portrait of Nazri Ismail in a condolonce message bearing KEADILAN party logo

Muhammad Nazri Ismail

Passed away on 11 August 2021

Muhammad Nazri Ismail

Date of Death
11 August 2021

About Muhammad Nazri Ismail

Mohamad Nazri Ismail died at 7.10am on Aug 11, 2021, two days short of his 47th birthday. His family members were also infected with Covid-19. Nazri was a father three daughters and a son. He was PKR Iskandar Putri division deputy chief and former PKR Johor youth chief. He was known in the community as Pak Tam. He is remembered by his loved ones as a caring person, and a good friend to many across the community.

We will always remember you

  • Azim | AMK Kelantan

    Semoga sahabat tenang di alam sana. Al-Faatihah.

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