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Dr Anthonysamy Savarinathan. An elderly man with thinning grey hair and rimless glasses, stands smiling with his hands in his trouser pockets. He is wearing a short-sleeved button down shirt.

Anthonysamy Savarinathan

Passed away on 29 May 2021

Anthonysamy Savarinathan

Date of Death
29 May 2021

About Anthonysamy Savarinathan

Dr Anthonysamy Savarinathan, 74, died at Universiti Malaya Medical Centre, at 8pm on May 29, 2021. He was a general physician known for his work assisting the underprivileged, including the Myanmarese Chin refugee community, other migrant communities and the homeless. His loved ones remember him as a caring, emphatic and polite person with a ready smile, who often gave to charity. If patients could not afford his fees, he would treat them for free. He operated out of Anthony Clinic in Hulu Kelang, Selangor and is remembered as a beacon of the Catholic Doctors Association of Malaysia and a pillar of society. The intensivist who treated him in UMMC wrote: “Dr Anthony was one of our best patients in ICU, always pleasant and cooperative and would still try to smile even though he was getting more and more breathless.“ The evening before he was intubated, he sent messages to his friends and family to thank them for the happy relationships enjoyed over the years. He is survived by his wife Patricia and their two children.

We will always remember you

  • JT | Patient

    Dr Anthony, you were my go-to doctor since I was a small kid. You took care of my sore throat, fever, stomachache and fish bone stuck in my throat with friendly smile and an assurance that everything will be fine. It was a shock to hear that you passed away. Rest in peace, Dr Anthony. With God's grace, we'll meet again someday.
  • Lisa

    Uncle Anthonysamy, no amount of words are enough to thank you for assisting the underprivileged. We owe you so much. Your selflessmess will be evident in generations to come, in families and communities all around Malaysia. We celebrate your legacy. We remember your name. Thank you. Rest in peace.

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