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Norfarha Alia Mohd Sukri with her husband Muhammad Syazreen Wahid on their wedding day. They are wearing white and are smiling widely.

Norfarha Alia Mohd Sukri

Passed away on 26 August 2021

Norfarha Alia Mohd Sukri

Date of Death
26 August 2021

About Norfarha Alia Mohd Sukri

Norfarha Alia Mohd Sukri, 29, died on Aug 26, 2021, a week after delivering her firstborn prematurely via cesarean section at seven months pregnancy. She did not have a chance to meet her daughter, Aiesya Humaira. She had been married to her husband, Muhammad Syazreen Wahid for just eight months when she died. She was hospitalised at Hospital Sultanah Nur Zahirah, Kuala Terengganu on Aug 7, and is believed to have been infected after contact with her husband. Her husband is believed to have contracted the Covid-19 virus while working at the Gebeng Port. She was the second of three siblings and married Muhamad Syazreen at her family home in Kuantan on January 2, 2021. She was buried at the village cemetery in Kemaman, Terengganu on Aug 27.

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