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Teo Chiang Quan,72 - an elderly man with graying hair and rectangle-framed glasses. He is smiling and wears a suit and tie while sitting in an office with floor to ceiling glass windows.

Teo Chiang Quan

Passed away on 21 May 2021

Teo Chiang Quan

Date of Death
21 May 2021

About Teo Chiang Quan

Teo Chiang Quan, 72, died at 6.38pm on May 24, 2021. He was property developer Paramount Corporation Bhd chairman and executive director. He was fondly known a CQ among old friends from his alma mater, Methodist Boys' School, Kuala Lumpur where he graduated in 1967. He was bestowed the title Dato' for his contribution to society by the Yamtuan Besar of Negeri Sembilan in 2005. He was also a member of the Malaysia Developers Hall of Fame. He was described as a nation-builder, an astute businessman and a warm-hearted person.

We will always remember you

  • MLJ | Family Friend

    I believe you are having yum cha time with my late father now. A lot of catch up since those days, both of you will always talk about business, market and all sorts. You will be dearly missed, amongst the many of your friends, family members and those you have impacted here.

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