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Abd Khalid sitting amongst his friends at a function

Abd Khalid Menan

Passed away on 8 September 2021

Abd Khalid Menan

Date of Death
8 September 2021

About Abd Khalid Menan

Abd Khalid Menan, died on September 08, 2021, at 10:30 p.m. He was diagnosed with Covid - 19, and when his condition became critical, he was put to sleep on the evening of September 08. He would take his last breath that same night. He was a soldier. He loved to play softball, and was a cherished member of the Softball Reds club. He was a well mannered man, responsible, and always soft spoken. He did a lot of good deeds in his lifetime. Words from his fellow softball clubmates: "Now you have left us, Khalid. Allah loves you more. May your soul be showered with God's good graces, and your status be lifted amongst the most pious beside Him. Goodbye, dear friend. Wait for us there. Al Fatihah."

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