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Amir Shah Ismail in a candid shot. He is a young man. He is smiling and is wearing dark rimmed glasses and a T-shirt which reads 'Roda Rumble'. He has a goatee.

Amir Shah Ismail

Passed away on 12 September 2021

Amir Shah Ismail

Date of Death
12 September 2021
Kuala Lumpur

About Amir Shah Ismail

Amir Shah Ismail died on Sept 28, 2021. He was also known as 'Adik'. He was a treasured father, husband, brother, son and friend. He worked as part of the technical production crew on the documentary film, Frontliner. The film is about Malaysian frontline efforts to curb Covid-19. Unfortunately, he but died two days before the film premiered on Netflix. He is remembered to be very dedicated on set and would say that he is giving his all to honour the frontliners. Those who worked on the project said the film was Amir's gift to frontliners. His friends remember Amir as a generous person who often shared his knowledge and skills.

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