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Mior Fareez smiles in a candid photo. He is wearing a hoodie.

Mior Fareez Wan Ramli

Passed away on 28 September 2021

Mior Fareez Wan Ramli

Date of Death
28 September 2021

About Mior Fareez Wan Ramli

Mior Fareez Wan Ramli, 39, died at Hospital Serdang at 4.13pm on Sept 28, 2021, after battling Covid-19 for 10 days. He was the founder of vape flavour brand, 'The Maha Karya'. His friend Amir Idris shared: "I have known him since he was in Form 1 of secondary school. He was a boy who was diligent in his prayer duties, often read the Quran and never skipped religious classes. "He often purchased cassette recordings of the lectures of the late Tok Guru Nik Aziz. In fact, we frequently left our dormitory surreptitiously to attend lectures by Tok Guru in Kota Bharu town. "I enrolled in the International Islamic Universiti Malaysia in 1999 while he joined in the year 2000. Our friendship lasted decades. "We had a phone conversation on Aug 28, and by God, I did not know that would be our last conversation. "I am in tears writing this. May you receive the rewards of a martyr my brother, my friend,"

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