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Abdul Salim Abdul Ghani with his friend Amin Ali Sidek. Both smile and show the peace sign. They are in baju melayu. Abdul Salim wears a white kopiah and a sarong. He has a white goatee.

Abdul Salim Abdul Ghani

Passed away on 24 September 2021

Abdul Salim Abdul Ghani

Date of Death
24 September 2021
Kuala Lumpur

About Abdul Salim Abdul Ghani

Abdul Salim Abdul Ghani died on Sept 24, 2021. His friend, Amin Ali Sidik, shared: "Thirty years of memories with my close friend and comrade gives me strength - teaching him in religion and al Quran. "This Covid-19 pandemic has tested us all and many have felt the pain of losing those close to them, who had stayed by them in their hearts and souls every day. "I did not expect it, but it happened to me, too. It felt like lightning had struck, shattering the mountains. "The pain of losing a close friend, who was always here for me - I cannot deny this sorrow. "But I believe death is a certainty for us all, sooner or later. When, where, or how, only Allah knows. Nothing in this world is permanent. "Thank you Allah for gifting me such a great friend. "God willing, I will embrace and will fulfill everything he told me before he was placed in a coma. "Al Fatihah for the late Abdul Salim Abdul Ghani. May you find peace in the eternal kingdom of heaven."

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