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Rahamah Bt Din, 66, wears a brown long tudung. She has a round face and almond shaped eyes.

Rahamah Bt Din

Passed away on 9 August 2021

Rahamah Bt Din

Date of Death
9 August 2021
Pulau Pinang

About Rahamah Bt Din

Rahamah Bt Din, 66, died at Hospital Pulau Pinang at 11.48am on Aug 9, 2021. She was the third out of four siblings. She had six children (two boys and four girls) and 11 grandchildren. She was a teacher and taught people how to read the Quran. She would take in young children as students for free, expecting no payment. She is remembered as someone kind and friendly. "Tok, we miss you and love you. May you find peace in heaven. "Mak, we miss you and love you. We long to kiss and hug you. "May you rest in peace with the pious. Al Fatihah."

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