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Raja Rozida Raja Aziz smiles while wearing a telekung. A love heart and flower stickers are added to the photograph.

Raja Rozida Raja Aziz

Passed away on 25 August 2021

Raja Rozida Raja Aziz

Date of Death
25 August 2021
Negeri Sembilan

About Raja Rozida Raja Aziz

Raja Rozida Raja Aziz died on Aug 25, 2021, five days before her birthday. She was a beloved sister, wife and aunt. She was also known as Gee. Her sister shared: "Your loss, along with your husband Din, left such a big impact on your family and friends. Even those who didn't know you directly, and only through Facebook or Instagram sent me WhatsApp messages to say they were impacted by your departure. "We thank God for all your goodness, your charity, your kindness to your parents and siblings. You were always generous. And now that you are gone, all I hear of you are praises. "Before you died, you started learning more about religion, and when (singer) Siti Sarah died (of Covid-19) you said you want a death like hers, too (where she left in a flood of praises for her character). "And then you died in the same month, in August, just five days before your birthday on Aug 30. "On Aug 12, you donated funds to build a well for the needy in Cambodia. We are thankful you had a chance to do this. "As we pray for you, we also pray for Din, who was always so helpful and generous towards those around him, who care for our parents' welfare like they were his own. "Whenever you visited our family in the kampung, you and Din would give us treats, including for your nieces and nephews as well as the cats, which you bought food for every month. You both had hearts of gold."

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