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Condolences message for Nurfatin Amirah Binti Azelan from her employer Propnex Realty Sdn Bhd. It says "Her memory will always live on in our hearts."

Nurfatin Amirah binti Azelan

Passed away on 29 July 2021

Nurfatin Amirah binti Azelan

Date of Death
29 July 2021

About Nurfatin Amirah binti Azelan

Nurfatin Amirah binti Azelan, 29, died on July 28, 2021. She was a mother, who resided in Klang, Selangor. She was also an administrator at PropNex Realty Sdn Bhd. Her colleague, Haow Ming, wrote: "When Fatin died, people in the company, from management and agents whom she had supported and touched throughout the years, had poured in their heartfelt condolences and donated to her family members. "Some even mourned in great sorrow as we have lost a beautiful human being in the history of PropNex Malaysia. "Why so? It got me thinking. "Many people think that only big shots create real impact to the society. "Entrepreneurs, artists, professionals and politicians (well, this one not sure in Malaysia). But that is far from truth. "Fatin was just a normal admin in my company who was working silently behind the scene, out of the limelight. "However, her commitment to her works to support all of the PropNexians was unquestionable and irreproachable. I think by the posts PropNexians shared on social media proved that! "She was very committed in her works despite her previous health condition. Hospitalisation or late evening support never seem to be an excuse for her to produce efficient and good works. 4.39pm, 7.35pm, 7.55pm...were some of the times mentioned in our group chat when she was still attending to some of us regarding admin stuff before she breathed out her last breath just two hours after. "I personally had many rounds of such good encounters with her. I believe so there were to most of us in the company. "To each of us who had wonderful encounter with her testified that it is not the position you hold or how high the value of your work that determine the impact of your contributions and values. "Reflecting her qualities made me reflect upon myself on the contributions, impacts and values to the people around me and to the world. "I think the ultimate objective in life is not to be someone great that everyone knows you for the money you have, the positions you hold, the loud achievements you accomplished but rather, to become someone whom people know that you're great in who you are for the little things you did that touched people's hearts, no matter how small they might seem to be. "So, to someone that I know although we are not that close - Nurfatin Amirah binti Azelan. "Love you from all of us here at PropNex Malaysia. "RIP, Fatin"

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