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Azizah Salleh, Passed away on 17 August 2021.

Azizah Salleh

Passed away on 17 August 2021

Azizah Salleh

Date of Death
17 August 2021

About Azizah Salleh

Azizah Salleh, 47, died at 5.45pm on Aug 17, 2021. She is survived by her husband and four children aged nine to 23. Her husband, A Aris, she often worried what would happen to her family if she died. She was so worried that she did not want to let go of the hand of her youngest child, Auni Syasya, 9, so she could be sent to hospital. Her husband had to persuade her to do so, because she had developed a fever on Aug 1. She went to Hospital Dungun on Aug 3. She was intubated after 10 days in hospital.

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