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Noraini Othman is kissed by her children. She is wearing bright red lipstick which matches her red headscarf and blouse.

Nor'Aini Othman

Passed away on 11 July 2021

Nor'Aini Othman

Date of Death
11 July 2021

About Nor'Aini Othman

Nor'Aini Othman, 62, died on July 11, 2021. Her son, Fairus, wrote this on the 100th day after her passing: "Today marks 100th day since our beloved mother, who we miss so dearly, left us. We miss her to no end. "It is difficult for me to write this. We miss you, Mak. I miss you. "I know you must be smiling in the afterlife, having met your sweetheart who waited for you there for so long. We will always pray that you and Abah are placed among the pious in Allah's heaven. "When this angel we call ibu, emak, bonda, who we are so close to leaves us, it feels like our soul has lost direction. Because, from the moment we open our eyes, it is our mother that we looked for. Even when we return from work, we look for our mother. "I miss her cooking and her nagging every day. She always only wanted the best for her children. "But Allah lent her to me for just a short time, and so ended the prayers of a mother for me. I accept this fate, Allah. Thank you for sending the best mother for us. "On the day she tested positive for Covid-19, she brave walked to the ambulance which came to pick her up. Our hearts were filled with sorrow looking at her. Who knew that would be the last wave she would give us? "I thank God that I was able to perform the solat for her, and to ease her into her grave. Indeed, everyone would want to do this final service for their beloved mother. "Mak, I love you. You were always there for me and never ceased supporting me and praying for the best of me. My longing for you cannot be described in words."

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