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Amir Korok has long dark hair and a long grey beared and mustache. He is tying a piece of cloth across his forehead. He has his glasses hanging on his T-shirt collar.

Amirudin Hasan @ Amir Korok

Passed away on 19 July 2021

Amirudin Hasan @ Amir Korok

Date of Death
19 July 2021
Kuala Lumpur

About Amirudin Hasan @ Amir Korok

Amirudin Hasan, 59, died at 10.22pm on June 19, 2021, three days before his 60th birthday. He was also known as Amir Korok. He was a beloved father and grandfather. He was also in the Malaysian film industry and worked on various productions. He is remembered as someone who was generous with his knowledge. Those in the industry deemed him "legendary". He was from Temerloh Pahang, but settled down in Batu Caves, Kuala Lumpur. His daughter, Nor Fatin Sazzwana, wrote this on the 100th day after his passing: "It's true what people say that the worst pain of longing is when you long for someone who has departed. "Today, Sept 29, 2021, marks 100 days since Abah left us. It looks like an ordinary day but I cannot tell you in words how my heart feels today. "Us siblings will always pray for his wellbeing in the afterlife. Only God knows how we feel now. "To this day, it feels surreal that Abah is no longer in this world. He left us too soon. "He was both a father and mother to us. He raised us on his own since we were small. He didn't remarry and spent all his love on us. "Ya Allah, please forgive my Abah's sins and place him among the faithful. Pour Your blessings onto him. "I love him dearly, but I accept your fate, Ya Allah. Please give me the strength to face this." His friend, Ahmad Waifudin, shared: "We have lost a legend. Maybe you don't know him but he was a legend on film sets. "Each morning, after breakfast and as the sun rises, he would take out his killer weapon - his phone. Then he would take a selfie or a wefie with his friends on set. "Even though many sets will warn against photography on set, he will still do so. Because that was Amir Korok. "Amir Korok was a very good man who was my buddy on location. We would often chat. "The last time we met, we were in Kuang and we were breaking our fast together. He ate a lot. "Even though he was old enough to be my father, I always called him brother (Abang) because he was always rock and roll and stylo. "Bang, today I am sad. I will miss laughing with you, Bang. I will miss our chats and having meals with you. I regret not being able to visit you at all when you were ill. "May you rest in peace among the faithful, Bang. One day, God willing, we will meet again."

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