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A composite image showing Noraini as a young actress, with P Ramlee, and as an older woman.

Noraini Yusof

Passed away on 7 August 2021

Noraini Yusof

Date of Death
7 August 2021

About Noraini Yusof

Hajjah Noraini Yusof, 79, died on Aug 7, 2021. She was the actress in the films Masam 2 Manis (1965) and Do Re Mi (1966) directed by the late P Ramlee. She is survived by 5 children, 10 grandchildren and one great-grandchild.

We will always remember you

  • Azizi

    Semoga Allah merahmati arwahyarhamah dan menerima segala amalan solehnya.

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