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Zamhuri Mat Nayan in a pensive state, looking into the distance. He has curly hair, a mustache and beard and dark-rimmed glasses.

Zamhuri Mat Nayan

Passed away on 3 August 2021

Zamhuri Mat Nayan

Date of Death
3 August 2021

About Zamhuri Mat Nayan

Zamhuri Mat Nayan died at Hospital Sungai Buloh on Aug 3, 2021. He is remembered as a gentle, jovial and warm person, a consummate professional, a kind friend and a loving husband. He was a multi-disciplinary designer described by colleagues as someone committed to design excellence. As a teenager, Zam, as he was known to all, was instrumental in the early years of community soup kitchen initiative, Food Not Bombs Kuala Lumpur. He was also a musician and the vocalist of the band Shock System. A Star Wars enthusiast, Zam produced the indie documentary 'Kuasa Untuk Semua: The Malaysian Star Wars Fan Story'. He is survived by his mother, wife, three sisters and eight nieces and nephews.

We will always remember you

  • Zana | Friend

    Too much emotions, but very little to say. We miss you everyday, man. Al-Fatihah.
  • Shuji | Friend

    Count your blessings. al-Fatihah.
  • Wan | friend

    Tiap-tiap hari, Zam. Tiap-tiap hari. May the Force be with you. al-Fatihah.
  • Wati Nayan | Sister

    You will always be in our heart and prayers
  • Can | Bruvvaz

    Always in our hearts, Zam. Zam Para Siempre.

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