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Azizah Mohd Yusoff sits at a restaurant table. She is wearing a layered, ruffled headscarf and glasses.

Azizah Mohd Yusoff

Passed away on 15 June 2021

Azizah Mohd Yusoff

Date of Death
15 June 2021
Kuala Lumpur

About Azizah Mohd Yusoff

Azizah Mohd Yusoff died at 8.30am on June 15, 2021. Her daughter, Farah Nadiyah Shamsudin and her sister Normah Yusoff died soon after on June 23, 2021.

We will always remember you

  • Akmal | Son

    She is very loving and caring mother. We love you so much. No enough word can describe how much people love her. Her lost will be remembered each day for the rest of my life. May Allah bless you from now till jannah. Amin..

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