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Muhammad Izzul Hakim Bin Ismail, 18 Jan 1990 to 19 Aug 2021. The man has a round face, long hair and an easy smile. He wears  cap and a jersey and is sat in his car.

Muhammad Izzul Hakim Ismail

Passed away on 19 August 2021

Muhammad Izzul Hakim Ismail

Date of Death
19 August 2021
Kuala Lumpur

About Muhammad Izzul Hakim Ismail

Muhammad Izzul Hakim Ismail died at Hospital Kuala Lumpur on Aug 19, 2021. He was the owner of Warung Tok Pa in Kampung Pandan. He was a husband and father to a young daughter. He is remembered as a generous and cheerful person.

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