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Indra Nadarajan in a passport photo. She has long hair and is wearing a shirt and blazer, earrings, a nose ring and a pottu on her forehead.

Indra Nadarajan

Passed away on 2 August 2021

Indra Nadarajan

Date of Death
2 August 2021

About Indra Nadarajan

Indra Nadarajan, 42, died at Hospital Shah Alam at 3am on Aug 2, 2021. She was a teacher at SK (2) Simpang Lima, Klang She is remembered as a caring, cheerful and dedicated teacher.

We will always remember you

  • Kimi | Colleague

    Seorang guru yang baik dan peramah. Satu kehilangan yang sangat dirasai oleh rakan sejawat. Terima kasih untuk segalanya.
  • Kugan | Friend

    I will always remember your smile..
  • Kugan | Friend

    I remember her as a person who was kind and friendly. Thank you for your smiles, Indra.

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