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Raja Noor Jan Shah Raja Tuah, Passed away on 21 August 2021.

Raja Noor Jan Shah Raja Tuah

Passed away on 21 August 2021

Raja Noor Jan Shah Raja Tuah

Date of Death
21 August 2021
Kuala Lumpur

About Raja Noor Jan Shah Raja Tuah

Raja Noor Jan Shah Raja Tuah, 64, died on Aug 21, 2021 at Hospital Selayang, Kuala Lumpur. A few years ago, he claimed to be the Sultan of Melaka, but it was denied by the Melaka state government. He was charged in court over the matter but was acquitted.

We will always remember you

  • Azizi

    Semoga Allah merahmati dan membalas segala kebaikannya semasa hidup di dunia. Sesungguhnya arwah seorang yg baik dan merendah diri. Allah Maha mengetahui setiap perkara di dunia ini. Allah lebih menyayangimu.
  • Afiq Jamal

    Semoga arwah ditempatkan di kalangan org yg beriman.
  • Lisa

    Tuanku, I had the privilege of speaking to you and recall telling everyone how nice and down-to-earth you were. You lead an authentic life and were surrounded by people who genuinely cared for you. I hope that you were happy, and did not suffer towards the end. We will remember you. We will say your name. Al-fatihah.
  • Epul

    Semoga arwah yang ehsan ditempatkan di kalangan orang yang beriman. Amin

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