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Kong Wan Hong is a middle-aged man. He is pictured wearing a face mask.

Kong Wan Hong

Passed away on 22 July 2021

Kong Wan Hong

Date of Death
22 July 2021

About Kong Wan Hong

Kong Wan Hong died in Hospital Serdang on July 22, 2021. His daughter, Bowie Kong, said he tested positive n July 15 and was under home quarantine when his condition worsened. He was admitted to Hospital Serdang on July 22 but spent most of his time there waiting for a bed in the Emergency Department, Bowie said. He worked in a wet market.

We will always remember you

  • 小刘 | a member of public

    江先生,几个月前在社交媒体读到你女儿的贴文,了解你离世前在医院的境遇,知道了之后十分难受,也气愤,希望我们可以为你做更多事情。但所有人都只能眼睁睁看着这么糟糕的事情发生。希望你到了更美好的地方。 Dear Mr Kong, I read your story on social media, written by your daughter. I was saddened and outraged by the story, really hope we can do much to improve your condition. I hope you are in a better place now.

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