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Goh Bee Kim is smiling. She has short hair and wears glasses. She is wearing a short-sleeved blouse and trousers, bracelets and is holding her handbag and telephone.

Goh Bee Kim

Passed away on 27 July 2021

Goh Bee Kim

Date of Death
27 July 2021

About Goh Bee Kim

Goh Bee Kim, 54, died in Hospital Melaka at 6.05am on July 27, 2021. She had 3 children an is remembered as "the best super mummy" and a businesswoman. She was known as "amoi" when she was young as she was the youngest girl among her siblings. "She was the best role model for all of us, she liked to help people in need without hoping for any return. "She was a sincere Buddhist, she liked Guanyin very much. She always taught us to always believe in Guanyin whenever and wherever we are. "There’s a lot of unforgettable moments and good memories with her. We really really miss her and she will always be missed.❤️"

We will always remember you

  • yl

    the best mummy ever❤️love u

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