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Mohd Hailmi Bin Mohd Shariff wears a songkok and a collared T-shirt with the number 9 printed on the chest. He has a greying goatee.

Mohd Hailmi Mohd Shariff

Passed away on 17 July 2021

Mohd Hailmi Mohd Shariff

Date of Death
17 July 2021

About Mohd Hailmi Mohd Shariff

Mohd Hailmi Mohd Shariff, 44, died on July 17, 2021. He left behind a wife and five children. He lived to see his eldest child marry in May 2021.

We will always remember you

  • Azrul | Anak

    Alfatihah untuk ayahanda tercinta...rindu sgt...tiada lagi penguat diri...semoga tenang disana dan ditempatkn dikalangan org yg beriman

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