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Nik Ruhani binti Nik Mah walking with her husband in Mecca. She is holding his arm. She wears a black arbaya, and a niqab.

Nik Ruhani binti Nik Mah

Passed away on 7 October 2021

Nik Ruhani binti Nik Mah

Date of Death
7 October 2021

About Nik Ruhani binti Nik Mah

Nik Ruhani binti Nik Mah died at Hospital Raja Perempuan Zainab, Kelantan at 8.50am on Oct 7, 2021. She was in hospital for nine days. She was a wife and a mother to eight children. Her husband was also infected, but survived the virus. In her last messages to her children, she reminded them to always perform their religious duties, to stay united as siblings and give to charity often.

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