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Nabil Azwar wears a half-rimmed glasses, a kopiah and jubah, and has a scarf around his shoulders. He is smiling and has a goatee. He gestures the 'mini love' sign wit his fingers.

Nabil Azwar

Passed away on 17 October 2021

Nabil Azwar

Date of Death
17 October 2021

About Nabil Azwar

Nabil Azwar died at Hospital Selayang at 6.30pm on Oct 17, 2021, after about two months battling with Covid-19 and related complications. The Rawang resident is remembered as a cheerful and positive person, who made everyone comfortable. He is also remembered a kind neighbour. He was a community-minded and pious person. Nabil was an arts practitioner and known in the indie comic scene. He was part of the group behind the indie comic, Rentaka. He was also a scriptwriter and a religious preacher. His wife, Affezah, described him as a "strong-willed fighter who would not easily give up."

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