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Mardziyaton Darus with her only son, Habib.

Mardziyaton Darus

Passed away on 24 August 2021

Mardziyaton Darus

Date of Death
24 August 2021

About Mardziyaton Darus

Mardziyaton Darus died on Aug 24, 2021 at 10.50pm. She was a beloved sister, mother, daughter, grandmother and friend. Her mother remembers her as a kind and generous person. If she went anywhere and had something delicious, she would try to bring some home for her loved ones - even if it was just a biscuit. Her only child, Habib, shared: I did not just lose a mother, but my best friend. I was very close to my mother because growing up, since the age of seven, there were only the two of us. We went through the hustle and bustle of life together. We were not just close, we were far too close. We would call each other five to tens times a day, especially if we were not meeting that day. We stayed together even after I got married. I married young, to my childhood sweetheart, and this was part of Allah's plans. He had planned to take my mother away earlier in life, so this way, my wife Isya, had time to know my mother, too. Isya, too, was close to my mother. When I was small, maybe aged two or three, robbers came into our home with a machete, and she defended me with her body and has a scar on her arm to show for it. I learnt then that she was a fighter, strong inside out. She was like a candle, who sacrificed herself for the good of others around her. I miss you, Ibu. I miss everything - making you laugh until you needed the toilet, giving you surprises, treating you until you insisted I stop, kissing you until you felt smothered, pulling your leg. "Enough God, this child of mine," you used to say. Thank you for every memory, for every lesson. I can still hear your voice in my head. I would not be who I am today if not for your upbringing. I love you so much and will always love you. All the praises I receive are not mine, but yours. May you be granted heaven."

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