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Talib Omar and his daughter sit on a red couch. Talib has a long grey beard. He wears a songkok, a maroon baju melayu and black trousers..

Talib Omar

Passed away on 3 November 2020

Talib Omar

Date of Death
3 November 2020

About Talib Omar

Talib Omar, 130, died of Covid-19 at home at Taman Telipok Ria, Sabah, on Nov 3, 2020. He was father to five children and was said to be the oldest man in Malaysia before he died. His family insists that this was the case, based on his personal identification documents, but many dispute his age as the Guiness World of Records states the oldest person who ever lived was 122 years old.

We will always remember you

  • Lisa

    Dear Pak Cik Talib - oh, the things you must have seen! I hope your long life was filled with happiness and love. I hope your children and grandchildren (and their children) enjoyed all the stories you told them. May you live on in them for generations to come. I pray that you are at peace now. Al-fatihah.

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