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Nurrul Farizan hugs her aunt Norwati Myooun. Both women wear spectacles and headscarves.

Norwati Myooun

Passed away on 19 August 2021

Norwati Myooun

Date of Death
19 August 2021

About Norwati Myooun

Norwati Myooun, 46, died of on Aug 19, 2021. She is remembered as a chatty and kind-hearted aunt, sister and mother. Her niece, Nurrul Farrizan wrote: "We lost our beloved family member, our favourite aunt, who we called Busu Wati. She was our father's youngest sister. Busu Wati died of Covid-19 and other complications. "The last time I met her was on the second of Shawal last year (2020). At the time, we had to spend Hari Raya here and could not return to the kampung. After that, we kept in touch via WhatsApp and phone calls. "Back in Subang Jaya, we grew up together. Us siblings and all our cousins were close to her. She was the one I looked out for if I had a secret or a piece of gossip to share. "Because we were as close as siblings, we also had our disagreements. Growing up, when we went to bed, I would have to stroke her fingernails, apparently, so she could fall asleep faster. But actually, we would just chat until the wee hours of the morning and then struggle to wake up to go to school. "Every time a guy would check her out, she would ask me, 'Ayang, what do you think? Is he ok?' Because Busu was beautiful. "Ya Allah, thinking about this makes me sad and in disbelief that she is gone. "Busu Wati was close and pampered by our parents and her siblings. Even family on my mother's side love her like a little sister, and my mother's nieces and nephews, too, feel the loss. "If she heard one of our parents was unwell, she would call frequently for updates. "How is your mother/father?" She was a kind-hearted woman and mother. "I managed to speak to her before the ambulance took her to the hospital. It was a short conversation because she was already short of breath. "But I won’t forget the very last words I said to her: 'I love you Busu, Ayang sayang Busu.' "She replied 'I love you too, Ayang.' "Now I can no longer see you, chat, laugh and gossip with you. I will miss talking to you - even before the conversation gets going we would already be laughing. "We will miss you so much, Busu."

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