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Zainiah Dollah, Passed away on 17 August 2021.

Zainiah Dollah

Passed away on 17 August 2021

Zainiah Dollah

Date of Death
17 August 2021

About Zainiah Dollah

Zainiah Dollah, 48, died on Aug 17, 2021. She is among three sisters, including Piah, 66, and Maznah, 52, who died of Covid-19 within two days. Their nephew, Mohd Nazrin Asim, 28, also died of Covid-19 a few weeks later. Their multiple losses within a short period of time were devastating for the family. The sisters were three out of 13 siblings. The sisters' mother Puteh Endot, 87, shared with Harian Metro: "But I accept what had happened and believe there is a reason for it which only God knows. "We can only pray for all four of them. They were all healthy individuals but God's fate cannot be overcome."

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