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Teo Lan Kim poses with a smile while preparing food

张兰金/ Teo Lan Kim

Passed away on 8 September 2021

张兰金/ Teo Lan Kim

Date of Death
8 September 2021

About 张兰金/ Teo Lan Kim

Teo Lan Kim, 75, died in Johor on September 08, 2021, at 6:08 p.m. She was affectionately called 'Yima' (Fuzhou dialect) by her five daughters and 14 grandchildren. She loved to cook for her family during festivities. Every Saturday was family day at her house, where the family would gather and spend time together. Her granddaughter Georgina wrote: "She was a cheerful grandma who loved me more than anyone else in the world. "We love you, and will miss you forever, Yima."

We will always remember you

  • Sok yee | 女儿

    很庆幸还来得及告诉你 : 我爱你。。。
  • Suyi | Daughter

    Love u deep deep....

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