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Obituary for Mr Gerald Sung Chen Teck. He is pictured with neat side-swept hair and rimless glasses.

Gerald Sung Chen Teck

Passed away on 24 September 2021

Gerald Sung Chen Teck

Date of Death
24 September 2021

About Gerald Sung Chen Teck

Gerald Sung Chen Teck died at 9.30pm on Sept 24, 2021. He was survived by his mother, Ting Muk Boh, wife, Teresita Canita Tampandong, daughter, Aubrey Sung, stepdaughter Angelica T Salatan, son-in-law Albert Marcedo Facun and step grandson Algel T Falcun. He was one of nine brothers and sisters, seven of them still surviving. He was laid to rest at the Foochow Association Limbang Cemeteries Land in Limbang.

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