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Misnon Ramli is assisted by his son out of the home. He is wearing a kopiah T-shit and sarong. The photo was taken before they left for the clinic, and minutes before he died en route.

Misnon Ramli

Passed away on 8 October 2021

Misnon Ramli

Date of Death
8 October 2021

About Misnon Ramli

Misnon Ramli, 65, died at about 8am on Oct 8, 2021. He tested positive for Covid-19 on Oct 30, when he sought testing following complains of body aches after he mowed the lawn. He underwent home quarantine. On Oct 8, he felt very weak and his family decided to bring him to the clinic. He died in the car on the way to Klinik Kesihatan Bukit Changgang. His daughter shared: "In the 40 days before he left us, Ayah often came to clear the land around my home. "He managed to taste the corn we planted recently. He told me this was why he wanted to plant corn by the store - so the area won't be overgrown with weeds, and is used for something. "In the same period, we talked and he shared his feelings. He never did so before, we often just made small talk. "Ayah once told me he would like to die on a Friday, and die of Covid-19. God granted his wishes, and made his path easier. "He told me if he died, he did not want to trouble anyone. His wish was granted, too. His final journey was no trouble at all. "He reminded his children to always perform their prayers early, to read the Quran, to give to charity to recite supplications. "Alhamdulillah, the musollah we built on his land was completed before he was invited home by his Maker, and his journey home was full of ease." "To me, Ayah did not leave because of Covid-19 but because it was his time. It was time for the angel of death to take his life, and the angel of death is never late, even for a second."

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