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Md Salleh Othman

Md Salleh Othman

Passed away on 18 July 2021

Md Salleh Othman

Date of Death
18 July 2021

About Md Salleh Othman

Md Saleh Othman died on July 18, 2021. He was a beloved father and is remembered as a kind and helpful person, who had a community spirit. His daughter, Shieta, wrote: "As parents give thanks for the government decision to lift state border restrictions and allow people to return to their hometowns, my father's wait ended on July 18, 2021. "You left before you could fulfill your desire to see us all. You counted the days until you could do so, but when we met, we were separated by glass. We could only see your face, we couldn't even touch you, what more to kiss and hug your body. "Oh Allah, the burden of this longing is so painful. Forgive us, Ayah because we could not see you before you left us. We know Allah's plans are the best, so we accept it and our prayers will always be with you. May you find peace in the afterlife." His nephew, Faizal shared: "He was not the village chief nor an elected representative but he was a hero in my life who always care for me and my family. He wasn't a rich man who would go here and there to give out aid but he never said no when help was sought. Yes, I feel a sense of loss because whenever I returned to my hometown, it is not I who would visit him but he would come to my house to say hello and have a chat, or sometimes just drop by for breakfast. Once, we returned from Nawa with a car with no headlines one pitch dark night. No one said a word of complaint, because we needed help, we didn't have a vehicle, and he never said no. Please say a prayer for my Pak Ngah."

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