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A healthcare worker holds up a note by Ahmad Mohamad Talib to his family before he was intubated. It reads: "Tolong doa & terus solat hajat. Abah minta maaf. Jaga diri semua."

Ahmad Mohamad Talib

Passed away on 18 November 2020

Ahmad Mohamad Talib

Date of Death
18 November 2020

About Ahmad Mohamad Talib

Ahmad Mohamad Talib, 58, died at Hospital Raja Perempuan Permaisuri Bainun (HRPB) on Nov 18, 2020. Before he died, he left a handwritten note: 'Please pray, continue with your *solat hajat*. Abah seeks your forgiveness. Take care of yourselves.' His daughter, Syafiqa Humairak, said the note was written by her father before he was intubated. She said their entire immediate family, including the deceased's one-month-old grandchild was also infected and were unable to attend Ahmad Mohamad Talib's funeral.

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