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Rosna binti Haji Baharon, 64, gestures to the camera while posing at a lakeside. She is wearing glasses, burnt orange headscarf and matching baju kurung.

Rosna Baharon

Passed away on 5 July 2021

Rosna Baharon

Date of Death
5 July 2021

About Rosna Baharon

Rosna binti Haji Baharon, 64, died at Hospital Sungai Buloh at 7am on July 5, 2021. Her niece, Nurul Akmal wrote: "She was my aunt. She was unmarried, and lived with us. She was my sister's eldest sister. They lived together from when my mother was young, single and until my mother had a family of her own. She stayed with us, cared for us, cared for our grandchildren. "She did not have children of her own, so we were like her children, and she was our second mother. "Her departure was such a loss for us. It feels like half our souls are gone. For us siblings, she will continue to be the queen of our hearts. ♥️ "

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