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Syed Hassan Syed Ghafur, 76, in his identity card photo. He is tanned, with short hair. He is wearing glasses and a collared white T-shirt with red horizontal stripes.

Syed Hassan Syed Ghafur

Meninggal dunia pada 7 Ogos 2021

Syed Hassan Syed Ghafur

Tarikh Kematian
7 Ogos 2021

Mengenai Syed Hassan Syed Ghafur

Syed Hassan Syed Ghafur, 76, meninggal dunia di Hospital Selayang pada 7 Ogos 2021. Bapa kepada dua anak dan datuk kepada empat cucu itu ialah pekerja Citylink yang berdedikasi dan bekerja keras sehinggalah ke hari-hari terakhirnya.

Sentiasa dalam kenangan

  • Amira | I'm just a passer by

    Reading his family members comments saddened me even more. May Allah grant you jannah and strength to your family.
  • Rafia Begam binti Abdul subahan | Brother in law

    May Allah forgive him and bless him Janatul Firdous Ameen
  • Shahirah | Daughter

    What can I say about my dad. He was kind, sweet and he was loving and giving. He cared with a passion unlike anything that I have ever seen. He worked so hard for everything and dedicated to his work. He was an incredible husband, father to us and grandfather. He taught us so many lesson in life. It is sad that he is gone now but I know his not in pain now. Allah swt love you and now you’re home!!
  • Datin Fatimah | Brother in law (my sister Zubaidah’s husband)

    Assalamualaikum arwah Syed Hassan bin Syed Gafur was a very humble person n a family man. He dedicated his whole life working working n working. We only see him during Eid (Hari Raya) he loves his daughter Shahirah n would do any smallest thing for her. Such a good dad for both kids. We really miss him n until now we could not believe his passing away. May Allah swt grant jannatul Firdaus and make him amongst the righteous people aamiin

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