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Sit Majmin Jalani smiles whiel attending a wedding. She is large woman with dimples and high cheekbones. She is pictured wearing red lipstick, a headscarf and baju kurung.

Siti Majmin Jalani

Meninggal dunia pada 15 Ogos 2021

Siti Majmin Jalani

Tarikh Kematian
15 Ogos 2021
Pulau Pinang

Mengenai Siti Majmin Jalani

Siti Majmin Jalani, 48, meninggal dunia di Hospital Pulau Pinang pada 15 Ogos, 2021, jam 12.15 tengah malam. Beliau meninggalkan empat orang anak dan seorang suami. Beliau gemar memasak untuk keluarganya dan senang memperolehi kegembiraan dari perkara kecil. Beliau rajim membantu sesiapa yang memerlukan. Keluarganya ialah dunianya.

Sentiasa dalam kenangan

  • echa

    I will always wait for you mak. always.. Al fatihah
  • Nani

    Mak...nani dindu mak :’( nani nak mak....mak baliklah...
  • Ilasa

    Mak.. i miss you and I will keep on missing you. your passing is so sudden and it shook me to the core. 😢 I will always long for the day kita akan ditemukan semula. i would want to be in your hug all the time. kakak tunggu mak walau seribu tahun lama lagi. mak tunggu kami nah.
  • chah | Daughter

    mak kakak rindu lah… setiap saat. setiap detik. today mark 2 months you left us in the darkness, missing you badly, longing for you terribly. I love you mak. till me meet again. ✨
  • chah | bestfriend

    Mak.. no words can describe the emptiness i have been feeling since the day i lost you😢 kakak nak ada dengan mak. mak tunggu kakak okay? I am not just a daughter to you, I was your best friend too.. i will keep on writing and talk about you until the day we meet again. i love you Siti Majmin Jalani🥺
  • Nani | Daughter

    Mak...nani rindulah :( nani nak mak😔nani sayang mak dunia akhirat.
  • Anonymous | LD

    You’ve been my inspiration, my world is a better place because of you. You were my strength as you saw the best in me. Rest well my dear, Allah loves you so much. May syurga be your home forever~~
  • Anonymous

    Such a beautiful fallen angel. That angelic smile will surely be missed. May Allah grant you the highest place in jannah. Al-Fatihah. LD
  • Nani | Daughter

    Hi my love, You gave birth to me on this date 23 years ago. But today...for the first time in my life, i have to celebrate it without you by my side. It’s pointless. Now i know why you always told us to be strong, you knew that one day we would need the strength to bear your loss. It’s too painful. I can’t describe how much it hurts. Rindu yang tak tertanggung mak...nani rindu~~ rindu yang teramat sangat... nani rindu pelukan mak, ciuman mak, senyuman mak. I will always do my best with adik n kakak to pray so that Allah grant you the highest place in jannah. Al-Fatihah buat syurgaku yang telah banyak berkorban and berjasa untuk membesarkan anak-anak. Semoga Allah merahmati mak dan terima syahidmu. I shall hold on to all the memories and remember every detail of your beautiful face till my last breath. May Allah reunite us altogether soon. I miss you dude! I love u more than anything in this world. Rehatlah wahai syurgaku🌹
  • Adik | Daughter

    I miss you mak, there are no words to describe the pain and sadness that i feel everyday. I never thought that you will leave me this early, I miss your kisses and your warm hug, I miss the small fights that we had everyday and the heart talks that we had. I will hold all of the memories about you in my heart and await until the day I can hold you again in jannah. You can rest now mak and look after me from the sky. I will love you until the day that we meet again. Al fatihah buat bidadariku syurgaku.
  • Rose | Sister

    Al fatihah to my beloved sister, Che Min. I can no longer see you with my eyes or touch you with hands but I will feel you in my heart forever. May Allah grant you the highest Jannah. Amin
  • Siti Nur'in Jalani | Sister

    My beloved sister .. i miss you so much that my tears have not ceased. We miss you so much. The thought of walking holding hands with you during our retirement years broke my heart. All my doas for you my darling sister. Till we meet again my beloved darling sister
  • echa | Daughter

    You are a wonderful person mak, we miss you. i long for your touch and hearing your beautiful voice every single second of my life. losing you feels like the end of the world. you taught me what love is in this cruel world and how beautiful it is. I will always wait for the day we will be united mak. kakak sayang mak. Al fatihah buat permaisuri hatiku.

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