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Condolences message for Remee Dass a/l Annaniah from Universiti Utara Malaysia. He is pictured with thick side-swept hair, a thick mustache and dark-rimmed glasses.

Remee Dass A/L Annaniah

Meninggal dunia pada 1 Jun 2021

Remee Dass A/L Annaniah

Tarikh Kematian
1 Jun 2021

Mengenai Remee Dass A/L Annaniah

Dr Remee Dass a/l Annaniah, 59, meninggal dunia jam 6.39 pagi pada 1 Jun 2021. Anak kelahiran Tapah, Perak ini bertugas sebagai pensyarah di INTI College, Subang Jaya selama 25 tahun. Beliau dimasukkan ke wad di Pusat Perubatan Universiti Malaya (PPUM) pada 27 Mei dan tewas kepada Covid-19 lima hari kemudian. Beliau meninggalkan seorang isteri dan dua orang anak perempuan berumur 19 dan 17.

Sentiasa dalam kenangan

  • John Bosco | Close friend.

    Remy has been my childhood friend since the age of seven, i've known him to be a quiet, shy and very studios boy. Always full of questions. Strived very hard to come to his present status as an Academician. A filial son to his parents and also i beleive a good husband and father. We had always been in touch and shared and consoled each other when we were down. Missed a dear friend. His passing is very premature and sad. To the family stay strong, celebrate his life, and his achievements, forgive his shortcoming's if he had any. May his Soul rest in eternal Peace. Amen Farewell dear Friend.
  • Anne & Raj | Friend

    Remee was genuinely a nice person, sincere & friendly. He was also our neighbour. Missed the chats at basement carpark. God's grace. RIP
  • Vela | University Friend

    A very amiable person. Used to be quiet in the University Pertanian Malaysia(then) but determined. May his Soul rest in peace. Deepest condolences.
  • Debbie Wong

    My family and I will always remember Remee as a good husband, good father and a good neighbour. He has given me a lot of encouragement as I’m paving for my writing career.
  • Awang Masrin Mohd Noor | Colleague

    Gone from our sight, but never from our hearts. Remee Dass will be in our hearts and memories.
  • Sb

    My deepest condolences. May you rest in peace and will be missed. God bless
  • Zain

    Sharon, my deepest condolences to you and your family for your great loss. May all of you stay strong.
  • Jimmy Chiam | Friend

    My deepest condolence RIP
  • Rosy Anne | Aunty

    Always in memory. May his soul rest in peace. God bless.

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