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Gambar Edjuan-Clay Edgar Joseph tersenyum, memakai anting-anting, berserta tulisan ucapan takziah

Edjuan-Clay Edgar Joseph

Meninggal dunia pada 30 Ogos 2021

Edjuan-Clay Edgar Joseph

Tarikh Kematian
30 Ogos 2021

Mengenai Edjuan-Clay Edgar Joseph

Edjuan-Clay Edgar Joseph, 28, meninggal dunia pada 30 Ogos 2021. Beliau yang mendirikan rumah tangga pada Mei 2021 bekerja di Kolej Vokasional Kudat, Sabah Beliau ditidurkan sehari selepas melahirkan anaknya yang pertama. "Seorang rakan sekerja yang sangat mengambil berat."

Sentiasa dalam kenangan

  • Flo

    Remembering you, Clay with fondness and love. I was only able to accept that you were no longer with us on the day of your funeral. I was still hopeful that somehow, you were only sleeping. I knew you were a fighter and I was so sure that you will pull through this storm. I thank God, for placing you in my life journey, it was a joy to know you and to have you stay in my home whenever you are in PJ. I treasure those time, making you the honorable ‘tester’ whenever I learn how-to do-good latte and learning the coffee art. You were my Bailey’s partner and as true as Mary’s comment, we would not stop until we finished the whole thing. Fun, laughter, after all, is a good antidote. Thank you for being a good sister. I was so happy to see the closeness between you and Mary. I was at peace because you both looked out for each other. Mary would drive all the way to send you and fetch you from Tanjung Malim. And I am glad that you both spent time as much as you could and went for holidays together. You are loved, missed and treasured in our hearts. And for now, bidding you adieu and rest in peace, dearest niece.
  • Mary Edgar

    Someone who was always cheerful. If she says 'no' that means it's a no.

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